Thinking Critically

As i grow older, not too older but yes i am growing old. I started to realize that every account on social network of mine are all just a trash that i myself do not even need it. Honestly!
Being like this, it is just hard to explain but I rather have my own life without social network nowadays. I probably just need email account, which is so important more than the coffee in the morning. A facebook account just to get in touch with everyone, dear friend and family. An instagram account which is the must have account, because i do enjoy entertaining myself with #SayaJualPrelovedItem for God sake that I got to bought for myself another Levis jeans only for RM20 including postage. I cannot even believe that as I reach 18 years old of my life, everything just started to change.

I admit I am now happy with my life. I am surrounded by a lot of new person that I just met and everyone went well and I thank God for the opportunity to let me met such a great person in my life. Meeting a new person and get to know one of them day by day is a new process that I enjoy the most.

Til next time.

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